Principal Healthcare Company is the most experienced healthcare management and services company in ASEAN.

Founded in 2016, Principal Healthcare Company has successfully completed over 11 hospital projects in Thailand for private sector clients which are all successful management cases and fully operational with the best technologies, medical and support teams in the country and management which are able to have a proven track record in financial success.

Principal Healthcare Company is independent and therefore has an objective and personalised approach to each hospital project.

Principal Healthcare Company is dedicated to improve the healthcare ecosystem in ASEAN and has a number of unique strategic partnerships boosting links with the Hospital Management Training Development Institute (HMTDI) which is the leading hospital management skills and higher training and education. Principal Healthcare Company partnership with Human Centric Hospital Management Software is also a leader in providing total IT solutions to hospitals. Principal Healthcare Company delivers to each of our clients high quality sustainable healthcare solutions which are appropriate to a particular project and the location’s needs.

Principal Healthcare Company recognises its ethical, social and economic responsibilities, which are integral to its business success.



1. Staffed with highly experienced & highly qualified medical and healthcare practitioners
2. Enabled by state-of-the-art diagnostic and medical/surgical equipment
3. To provide our patients with safe, effective, appropriate and meaningful healthcare environment
4. To provide financial satisfaction to it shareholders