2023 ก้าวย่างสู่ความยั่งยืน



Excellent in Medical Field:

To guarantee that we are able to become one of the top healthcare providers in each market. E.g. Renovation, Cutting-Edge Equipment, and New Med. Innovation

Higher Number, Higher value:

We are ready to help those who are in crisis, also engage with local influencer, and communities.

Beyond The Pill Concept:

To provide the greatest levels of pleasure and to develop the brand's uniqueness. By developing excellent Patient Experience in every service touchpoints, beyond expectations.

ESG Embedded and Become a Purpose-Driven Company:

To ensure the sustainable growth of the company and strengthening the unity of people.

Centralize to Localize Strategy:

To ensure the strategies-fit to the context of each market by localising partnerships/communities activities and the way we work.

Innovative Business Expansion Model:

To ensure business growth along with the specialists / asset utilization. By finding strategic partner and new business model